Often, entrepreneurs are simply too busy with tackling "today's crisis" to put meaningful focus on those projects that will take their companies forward.

In my business law practice, I also provide assistance to mission-focused entrepreneurs on their larger, "quadrant 2" projects (important, but not urgent). You know, the ones that never seem to get much traction in the everyday "fire fighting" it takes to run a successful business (and keep the lights on). The projects that take some strategic focus and leadership to accomplish, but accelerates growth in the longer term. Strategic workforce planning. Identification of and preparation for large contracting opportunities (IDIQ/GSA/ other large schedule projects). Analysis of cost and pricing issues.

Regulatory compliance may also require some strategic focus. New legislation or regulatory orders may require you to change how you do business to stay compliant.

Too often, attorneys are consulted after a threatening notice has been received, when cleanup or catchup costs can get expensive. With thoughtful planning, you can prevent missteps that cost your business time and money.