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Attorney Marybeth Lenkevich Steil

Marybeth Lenkevich Steil

Attorney at Law

I started my own practice because I love working with individuals who are business owners and exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit. I find helping a business launch, and watching it grow and thrive, to be very rewarding. Working with a company to map out a strong strategy for growth and develop solutions is exciting — and I value the opportunity to play a role in that success. I focus my practice on helping companies obtain government contracts and providing outsourced general legal counsel for startup businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. If you are a business owner and are seeking to work on government projects or map out a strategic plan to see your company grow, I can work with you to achieve these goals.


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I understand the motivation and determination of entrepreneurs and business owners. I will work with you to help put your business on the fast track toward growth.

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Like your business, I focus on getting things done. This requires being solution-oriented and understanding the goals and risks that can arise along the way.

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Having an accessible attorney on your side is a difference-maker. I make it a priority to be available to offer guidance and answer your questions.

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Legal Representation Your Business Can Rely On

Starting your own business is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also bring with it a variety of frustrations and stressful obstacles. To help your company navigate the complicated landscape of business-related legalities, you need a skilled and focused business attorney working on your side. Working with Steil Law Group, you will receive knowledgeable legal counsel for your company with both assistance for your current situation and an eye towards your future growth.

Helping companies land and maintain government contracts is an area of focus for me, and my ability to provide knowledgeable guidance regarding your business's working relationship with governmental agencies and departments will be a valued addition to your company. I understand your desire to provide effective and innovative solutions for the benefit of the country and its interests, and I will work to help you take the necessary steps to see your business accomplish these goals.

Steil Law Group also offers your business outsourced in-house legal counsel. This means that your company can benefit from the professional and experienced legal direction of an attorney at a lower cost than retaining the services of a larger law firm.

When working with government departments, your company's intellectual property is likely made available to the government. It is in your best interest to ensure that your proprietary work is protected from exploitation. As an experienced intellectual property attorney, I will have you keep your intellectual property secure.

If you own or are starting a business in the Washington, D.C. area, and you are seeking legal services including government contracts, intellectual property, strategic planning, or employment law, contact the Steil Law Group, LLC today to schedule a free initial consultation.