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Hire a Government Contracts Attorney in Columbia, MD

If you’re fighting to land a government contract in Washington, D.C., you need a legal counselor by your side. Steil Law Group, LLC will help you land jobs and draft winning proposals.

Ms. Steil is security cleared and understands all the rules and regulations surrounding government contracting work. The contracts she drafts are always compliant with the Defense Contract Audit Agency. Call 410-343-4668 today to discuss your plans with an experienced government contracts attorney in Columbia, Maryland.

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7 Reasons You Need to Hire a Government Contract Proposal Attorney

Writing a government contract proposal is complicated work. Marybeth will help you land that government work by:

  1. Simplifying your messaging

  2. Researching the department thoroughly

  3. Determining how your business solves a government problem

  4. Researching your competition

  5. Differentiating your business

  6. Preparing relevant documents

  7. Drafting your proposals

Once you land the work, she will help you draft the contract as well. Contact Steil Law Group, LLC as soon as possible to learn more.