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For Government Contract Services & Outsourced In-House Counsel

Practice Areas

Government Contracts

Seeking to secure an agreement for a government contract can be a complicated process. Using the services of a knowledgeable attorney can give your company the advantage your company needs to make a deal.

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Outsourced In-House Counsel

Having an attorney for your business is helpful but expensive. Hiring in-house counsel from an off-site attorney can serve your needs at a more manageable price.

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Intellectual Property Law

Working on government projects provides access to your intellectual property. Protect your work from unintentionally being exploited by hiring a skilled intellectual property attorney.

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Strategic Planning

When running a company, it's often easy to sacrifice future planning to deal with daily operations. Work with an attorney to receive assistance in plotting a detailed and thoughtful course for your business's future.

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Employment Law

Using an attorney to help you draft employee documentation and handbooks, resolve employer-employee disputes, and protect your company against fraud can help your business get started on the right track.

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