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I help business owners meet their legal challenges and create opportunities to grow and thrive.

I love companies.

I do — I love learning about their business and watching them grow. Ever since I was in high school, when my first job was working as a research clerk for an investment manager, I have been fascinated by how entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. I love learning about how companies bring great products to market, solve customer problems, and employ people.

Throughout my career practicing law, I have been privileged to help entrepreneurs take their companies to the next level. Whether you are just starting out, or have been at this a while and have a number of employees, you probably have faced quite a few legal questions: How should I incorporate? Do my partner and I need a Buy-Sell Agreement? How can I license this software to a government customer? Do I need an employee handbook? How can I get a set of corporate agreements to "plug and play"?

Affordable, Skilled Counsel


Trust me, I understand the frustrations you have when growth is happening and it's all very fast. If you need a strategic, "big picture", day-to-day legal advisor, give me a call. Maybe I can help.

Unfortunately, many talented lawyers practicing at bigger law firms are simply too expensive to call for your everyday legal issues. Don't get me wrong — there are brilliant lawyers working in the large downtown firms (I started out in them, and learned a great deal from many talented partners along the way). But their cost pressures are real and, personally, I am just not interested in practicing law in that business model anymore.

I will say that I did enjoy working in the fancy downtown offices once upon a time, but now, I don't see how covering those overhead costs makes any sense for the clients that I want to serve on a day-to-day basis. See, for many startups and small companies (the ones I find the most fun to work with, anyway), those billing rates are just not affordable. So, I aim to take my practice to them, by working as a solo practitioner. Coming to your offices when you need me, but working virtually when it makes sense, as an "outsourced" in-house counsel.